Solid Arki 2-3 – a combination of AR 3-2 & 3-3.

Yesterday was our first meeting with our professor who handles our Architectural Internship class. I was ready with many questions regarding with signatures, documents, & other matters at my workplace.

I was a bit ashamed that I was the person who always raises her hand because of bothering someone with my doubts. I was so conscious that I asked my seatmate King if he has any questions because I was wondering why I was the only one that was so kulit. He said that we already asked his questions, at least I was able to help others by asking for them.

After lunch, we loitered outside of the Dean’s office where my professor is because he is by the way-Ang Dekano. We we’re asked to enter by 3s to be interviewed about our work & to submit the documents we can regarding our internship. I didn’t have anything with me that is signed except for the 50 peso insurance document. I didn’t present anything.

I went out. As usual, classmates encircle us to squeeze us with what happened inside. These kind of people really have the habit of not finding out for themselves. I just made a joke that I was asked to kneel in front of my professor-telling them that by making demo of the kneeling. They were all like: “Bastooooooooooooooooooooos”-you can see in their faces. If you know what they mean, then you must know what kneeling means. HAHA. My prof is gay, by the way. Kabataan nowadays are naughty & silly, but more productive at least.

I went out and made tambay. I was bored so I walked around, visited my 3-3 friends in their classroom twice & listening a bit of their conversation & explaining that I was bored, sleeping in the armchair while dreaming of someone & someones, chatting, sharing secrets, sharing doubts & anxiety, & other ways to cover the loneliness that is emerging in me.

I was just waiting for one of my closest friend to be dismissed because we are planning to accompany our friend in a free live show of Up Dharma Down. Up Dharma Down! Live? First time! This friend also proposed to treat us with two towers of cocktail drinks. I just wondered if she got her salary from OJT, she’s problematic, or she’s just happy that’s why she wants to drink. I just wonder if she will really drink because I heard that the she didn’t take a sip the last time there were drinks around her. Anyway, about the drinks-I know it’s summer & hot & everything & we were very thirsty yesterday-but we wanted FOOD instead. While waiting I was imagining ourselves eating a sumptuous meal, and I know that our other companions are also thinking about that because they mention it over and over again.


Them ❤


Tsismis on the corridor.


Paparazzis behind the door.

I realized that as friends, we wait for our friends to finish their school matters & we all go to the transportation terminals to go home. Unfortunately, we can’t leave immediately because our gay prof intended to put my quite attractive friend’s index card for the last call. My prof has a thing for quite big & cute guys in our class. We acted as paparazzis & gossipers outside of the office. We went LOL about them because Sir was so flirty & Curt was so innocent looking. The best part was when Sir offered him chocolate-I just imagined them making subo with each other that made me laugh even more. The pictures we took were pricey enough for blackmailing Curt in the future. HAHA. He went out of the office with Sir as he’s escort: “Sabi ko sa kanya, ipakilala na ako sa peyrents nya. Sabi niya, pagkagraduate niya.” Sir Ted said. Omg.

During the while that we waited, I was lazy to go to the live show. I know this was just a temporary feeling that hinders me to go out and explore the world. I will regret not going. I kept asking the others if they really want to go but they have the same situation as mine. Their reasons was that the venue was very far, their budget was not enough especially for transport & food, hot weather, thirst, etc. We all want to go but we lack the willingness & resources to move. I, Yel, Pagong, & Adrian were the ones to go. We all thought that we will have our final decision when we reach Cubao. In the end, we boarded on a jeep to SM Fairview. Jeep for the money savers!

We all don’t have load for texting & calling. We made it there without having that because our friend called every once in a while to check on us. This friend of ours, Che, is like my Tita. When she’s in need, she seeks us for help. When she’s blessed, she shares a lot. Sometimes I wonder if any was left for herself. Anyway, her expected treat is one of the motivators for us to accompany her. We expected food. We went to French Baker where she planned to meet us, but she was nowhere to be found. She texted me that she will go to Forever21 first because we were still far from SM, so we went there. She was hard to find. We wondered if she changed her look, and even the bet that she will look like the mannequin with the short & pointy hair. We saw her at the cashier’s area with her same curly hair tied in a ponytail. I told everyone to fold our arms. Gosh, she was so tagal. He didn’t look at us in the back, so we followed her. She still didn’t look back, so Fred went to her & said:”Miss, may naiwan ka po…” She was so shocked.


May sweldo na kaya ito? #ShopTilYouDrop

We went to the nearby Ayala Terraces where Armi will sing! Fred kept on telling us that the floor plan of the mall is not good because people have to go back around to return to an origin. I agreed to it because the entrances we’re not big enough & sometimes welcomed by a dead-end, streets were quite narrow & the plan inside looks like a labyrinth. The garden where the live show is quite alright especially the alternating curves of the landscaped terraces encircling the atrium. The stage was already set. I wonder if the blocked store at the bag will get compensated for the temporary stage of UDD-i. Its customers may lessen because of the show.


Foodie Than Drunkard.


So happy. Credits to the Staff.

Che wanted to eat just near the venue. She really wanted to go there on time because she is the fan girl. Every stall around sell meals that are expensive. In the end, we decided to order a 6-person package at Pizza Hut. The spare sixth meal was supposed to be for Jeph-, a former classmate of ours. The daydream came into life. Adrian & Pagong were hilarious. They were so happy with their meals. I caught their faces on camera. I laughed at the way Adrian looked up at the ceiling while chewing his food. It was like everything tastes like heaven. These two always uttered “Sarap.” We decided it’s the word for the day. The meal was composed of mushroom soups, Spaghetti, Bacon Macaroni, Mac ‘n Cheese, German Franks Pizza, Cheese & Tomato Pizza, Mango Salad, Bacon Salad, & Caesar Salad. A sumptuous meal indeed. We even took top 3 places for the salad & pasta. I believed they like their salad to be salty & a bit spiced because they regarded the sweet mango salad as the last pick. I had it as dessert. They all loved the Caesar salad with Bacon salad as next. They liked the Spag & Bacon Mac, but Mac ‘n Cheese for the least. The Mac n’ Cheese was quite bland & plain. I believed that I chose the Mango Salad & Mac n’ Cheese. Why do I always fail to please anyone with my picks? At least I chose the best pizza. By the way, it was Yel & I that planned the whole meal.


Bacon Salad.


Caesar Salad.


Spaghetti Forever.


Soups for Appetizing.

As we finish eating, we can hear Armi singing & Che being makulit about going out. As the strongest female eater of the group, I took some sips of sixth soup to avoid wastage. The two happy boys, finished the sixth pizza slices. We were all full with a happy & bloated stomach.


Ngayon ko lang nalasap ang langit.~


Tears of Joy.


Happy Kids.


The band with Armi backstage.




We went out while Armi sang something that I think was entitled “Turn Up Well”. I wished her to sing one particular song badly because I wanted it at the moment. It was my very personal request. Armi asked everyone if anyone of us has any request. Well, I shouted “Love me like you do”. Of course, most of the audience requested for “Oo.” I think it was about unrequited love for a friend that you used to be his/her special someone and vice versa, though I’m not sure what ‘unrequited’ means. Some parts of it I wanted to change so I can relate.


First Time ❤


“Di mo lang alam iniisip kita, baka sakali lang maisip mo ako. Hanggang sa gabi, inaasahang makita kang muli. Nagtapos ang lahat sa di inaasahang panahon. Ngayon ‘ako ay yung nang-iwan’. Sana ako na lang, puro siya na lang.”

 Everyone sang. The last song was “Sana” that I think is a breakup aftermath song that implies that you wish your former someone to return.


Hindi ka ba naiinis sa tuwing ika’y sinisisi sa pag-ibig na kailanman ay di na uusbong? Noon ay singtamis, ngunit ngayon ay nagbabalik. Dahil lamang sa nag-iisang saglit, nasilayan kang muli? Tama na, umiiyak ka na naman. Hindi na ito dapat gawan pa ng paraan.~

On the bus ride to home, I plugged in my earphones to listen repetitively to my unfollowed request.


Heto ako, handa na atang masaktan. Heto ako, handa-handang iwanan ka. Heto ako, namumuhay ng mag-isa. Heto ako, bat nariyan ka pa?~


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