Where are the golden days?


Unsure Future

How can you love yourself if you are full of blame & loath for it? A sudden realization occurred that it wasn’t easy to like other people, because you didn’t made any room for yourself.

It hit that you were never ready. You were a late bloomer. You still have much to grow in spite of your 20 years on earth. You were never ready to love.

You never gave yourself a chance to be ready. You kept on holding back. Why are you holding back? Fear. Fear to fall.

Delaying will only prolong & improve the worse outcomes. You take, and give it back. You then do it again. After repeated situations like this, you still feel worthless & dumb. What happened to the past experiences? Everytime this happens, your being goes ‘back to zero’.

It never mattered that you were hurt before.

‘Cause everything feels like everything else.

And, the reason of your pain…

is none other than you.

There’s no one to blame except you.


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