Seminar Series for NAW 2015

The Opening Ceremonies of the 2015 National Architecture Week was initiated in the UAP headquarters in Quezon City on December 7, 2015. The opening day was divided into two sessions with different venues each. The morning session consists of opening speeches from UAP officials & opening numbers from Architecture student organizations such as the UST Arkipella.

The afternoon session consists of the Seminar Series that was held in the SM Manila Cyberzone Activity Area. The venue also held an exhibit for the entries of ‘Guhit Pinas’ participants.

The first lecture is entitled “Arkitekturang Pilipino, meron ba?” The speaker is Ar. Rino D. A. Fernandez, FUAP who is also the author of the recently released book entitled “Diksyunaryong Bisuwal ng Arkitekturang Pilipino”. He is currently a professor in College of Architecture in the University of Santo Tomas. His lecture tackles the identity & purpose of traditional Filipino Architecture. He usually quotes of philosophies that support the idea that Philippine Architecture is actually a residue of ideas from other countries’ style. The Bahay Kubo was called a ‘Malay House’, for example. The ‘Bahay na Bato’ was a contribution of the Spaniards to our culture. Aside from finding the true identity, he also discussed the timely & sustainable features of our traditional structures. Louvers, use of double façade, & natural daylighting are some of the features the traditional Filipino architecture that can still be applied in this generation.


Ar. Rino Fernandez on the state of Filipino Architecture.


“Building Performance Modelling” by Ar. Runddy Ramilo


The last lecture is entitled: Building performance Modelling: The Future of Philippine Architecture”. The speaker was Ar. Runddy D. Ramilo, PhD, UAP, AA who is the principal architect of the Internation Design Associates in Singapore. Building Performance Modelling is a strategy unlike the normal 3D Modelling. It combines it with the precise simulation of natural factors that will affect the structure. This will give the designers the calibration of the building’s reaction to it surroundings including the heat, wind, & others.

The event was ended with an open forum of the students & lecturers. The seminar was intended to equip the aspirants for the profession of their choice.


Commencement of NAW2015.


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