Cold Summer Nights

Yes, the airconditioner is on.

Stagnant. A word used to describe water on a container. Water has nothing to do with me. The word itself may describe my current status.

No, my life is not stagnant. I choose to not work at the office in case my former employers do not give me calls. I am waiting right now just like what I did last summer, and it turned out really well. My experience with Aidea was fulfilling.

You read it right. I choose not to work this semester. I choose to study. All my life, I will be working to support myself & my family. This summer may be the last summer treat for myself. I choose to study, do the ‘thing’ that I am passionate now ( but I really need OJT to fund it), and relax at the same time.

These past school years, I tried working while studying. I believed that “Experience is the best teacher”.  I still believe in that. Yes, it went well but there are things that I sacrificed to regret. That’s over, and I learned from it. I am never going to blend work with school again. I am done with the ‘experience’ thing now. I will let myself have a taste of it on actual OJT2.

These past few days. My heart & mind is in one of the cars of Ferris wheel. I swore I won’t make a big deal of what’s happening.

I worked hard to be a strong & independent woman, but these ‘happenings’  are testing everything that I’ve invested. Today, I told a friend that maybe I should not give my head an exercise all the time. I think that I should just enjoy what’s going on right now. Let destiny, hahaha, take us where it is supposed to be. By doing this, I won’t expect too much. By not expecting too much, I won’t be affected by sudden changes.  I am trying too be as flexible as possible.


Why does history has to repeat itself?


Nawawala, bumabalik, heto na naman~



So help me, God. #Review


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