Pre-election Pressure

This is an apology letter to a comrade. Campaign period will be on September 26 & 27. Meeting de Avance will be on September 28. Casting of votes will be on September 29 & 30. Masa muna bago landi.

Three months.

Three months of trying to loosen our grip on our intertwined fingers. Three months of trying hard to be posturing grownups. Three months of trying to be fused assets the world really needs.

Three months of keeping up.

Three months of keeping up on my spontaneity. Three months of understanding ‘The Impulsive Rosie’.

Spontaneous like the mouth of a panic. Spontaneous like the earthquake the PAGASA can’t even foresee. Spontaneous like the tears that I can’t even explain why they exist.

Spontaneous like the leadership that they want us to serve.


Sorry for the affection that turned to pain. Sorry for the comfort that turned to sorrow. Sorry for the lust that turned to love.

Three months.

Aywuvyu like the cakes I will walk for from UST even if I can baba to Morayta. Aywuvyu like the bus to SM Fairview even if I can board the bus to SM North naman. Aywuvyu like the comrades that doesn’t give up on the hope that the PC in Cata will be alive again.

In this intertwined fingers, there is a ray of hope. With this hope, the growth of society will be the world would want it to be.

In this world, we will be three in our family.


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